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About me

      Originally from Hawaii, Whitney Wagner came to Arizona in 2007 where she attended Northern Arizona University and graduated with several degrees. Following her passion for photography, she continued her adventures and expanded from simply playing with a camera as a child to taking more professional photos and growing as a photography professional. She has traveled to many countries and even taken the time to live abroad where she expanded by learning more. Back in Arizona now, she specializes in wedding photos but also takes other artistic photography and portrait shots, bringing with her all the influences that she has come across that have shaped her through the years.

      Whitney is now dedicated to being mostly a wedding photographer, but she also does graduation, artistic, portrait, boudoir, and various other types of photography for her clients. She has a three-day (or often less) turnaround for photos for her clients, and loves making sure they get them on time to make sure they receive the best service possible.

     Whitney created WhittyExpressions to give you memories that would last forever, getting behind the camera so that you can enjoy all the memories while still being present in your special moment.

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